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 June 13, 2009  The domain is no longer under my control - from now on this site will use the domain name I missed the expiration notification and I did not renew it, and now it's lost. Some hungry for money people keep it registered in case someone wants to pay a lot of money for it. Well I don't have a lot of money. Even if I had money I wouldn't pay for it because this way I encourage people who keep domains without using them, hoping to make some money. And by doing this these eager for gain people stop creative ones to make real use of the domains. How stupid is that. There should be a law against this!

 February 15, 2008  Fixed Contact form. It was broken for a long time (sorry!) and no one sent me email about it. Now you can send me feedback again. Please keep in mind that you can contact ME from this page, NOT Bianca. I'm just a fan and this is unofficial Bianca Ryan site. If you want to contact Bianca - go to her official website:

 February 23, 2007  The fanart section is open. I challange all bianca fans to a fan-art contest. Get pencils, oil-paints, Photoshop or MS Paint and start painting, wood-carving or whatever you do best.
Send all work to . Please register and include your name (or nickname if you want more privacy) and your artwork's name (if it has one). When I collect enough of your work I'll start a rating system and all visitors will decide which one is the best.
The winner will get ... well a "Bravo" ... and will have own page on with information about him, link to his website ... and a email.
As a start of the new section I'll post my drawing. I'll ask you not to be too hard on me because ... I'm a programmer, not an artist.

 November 29, 2006  The site is ready to go online. Contact us to tell us what do you think about it. Send your artwork to .

The main reason I built this site is to collect and categorize all information on Bianca. Information on Official site is not enough for a real fan and digging the forum is painful (No offence meant).

I've decided not to install forum because it'll be confusing for fans - it's hard to keep an eye on many forums. So I put link to Bianca's official forum instead. You can sign in Bianca's fanlist.

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