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   Bianca Taylor Ryan (born September 1, 1994) is an American singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who won the début season of NBC's America's Got Talent. At age 11, the child prodigy repeatedly performed to standing ovations from the studio audiences, and her finale appearance — singing "I Am Changing" from the Broadway musical Dreamgirls — prompted show judge (and onetime child prodigy) Brandy to shake her head and proclaim that Ryan "makes me want to go practice … that's how good you are."

   The fanart section is open. I challange all bianca fans to a fan-art contest. Get pencils, oil-paints, Photoshop or MS Paint and start painting, wood-carving or whatever you do best.
Send all work to . Please register and include your username and your artwork's name (if it has one). When I collect enough of your work I'll start a rating system and all visitors will decide which one is the best. The winner will get ... well a "Bravo" ... and will have own page on with information about him, link to his website ... and a email.
As a start of the new section I'll post my drawing. I'll ask you not to be too hard on me because ... I'm a programmer, not an artist.

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